BPTX, Inc.'s priority is improving overall health across the globe. Our mission is to protect business and home owners from existing and future bacterial/mold threats and provide them with a truly clean, healthy environment. 


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No structure is safe from bacteria, viruses or mold. Opportunistic pathogens permeate our lives with increasingly unpredictable and gruesome outcomes. Societal evidence speaks for itself and CDC studies demonstrate that current market solutions have been lacking for decades. The microbes are winning. 

Existing products alone cannot mitigate the threats posed by both existing and emerging opportunistic pathogens. The molecule, Protex90®, was specifically designed to provide a long-term solution addressing the complexities of microbial growth, mutation and transfer of these microorganisms. Current disinfectants may kill on contact when allowed to stay wet for the prescribed dwell time. But, in many situations, they dry or are wiped dry before the recommended dwell time. When dry, some bacterial interaction is greatly diminished leaving microbes unaffected.  The result is a microbial transfer from an infected surface to our hands and to our eyes, ears, nose and mouth. 

Our advanced solution is exactly the opposite. Protex90® acts as a surface barrier protectant that reaches its full strength AFTER it dries. It eliminates bacteria and protects treated porous and non-porous surfaces for a minimum of 90 days in high touch areas. Surfaces that have been covered up by drywall will continue to protect against mold spores for many years to come.

Protex90® is an EPA registered, non-toxic, water-based product.


The Protex90® molecule consists of layers of barbs. When bacteria or virus encounters this layer adhering to a surface, the barbs puncture the cell membrane and renders it harmless.


Protex90® controls bacterial spreads and minimizes risk of infection; resulting in improved overall health and environmental health.


Protex90® organically decreases airborne pathogens by minimizing surface bacteria/spores that would otherwise be released into the air.


On any given day, about one in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection. 



Dangerous, and often undetectable bacteria and mold can live within any building structure. That's why we designed a versatile solution that can seamlessly adapt to any environment. Whether you want to protect your patients, students, residents, customers, or your own families from this threat. Protex90® can help. 



47% of surfaces in hospitals are inadequately cleaned or not cleaned at all (CDC).

Protex90® overcomes the challenges healthcare institutions have traditionally faced in controlling rapid spreading infections among staff and their highly susceptible patients.


Germs on just one doorknob can infect half the office with a virus within hours.

Germs spread rapidly through touch. Think tables, handles, carpets, etc. Protex90®, coupled with our application process, ensures complete residual protection.


In 2018, the CDC reported 11 outbreaks on cruise ships. (3%+ on-board affected). 

Virus spread accelerates in close quarters. Protex90®'s residual surface protection dramatically minimizes a guest's chance of infection; mitigating the negative impact of an outbreak. 


Rapid spread of flu or infections can have a direct negative impact on a team’s success.

Common bacteria found in athletic facilities include staph, ringworm, athlete's foot, plantar warts and of course, the common cold/flu. Improve player availability, on-field results and recruitment by protecting players and staff with Protex90.


The aviation industry is capable of making local events global.

Germs can spread from a multitude of places at the airport and in the air; from seat belts, tray tables, check-in kiosks and the passengers or employees themselves. Protex90 will dramatically minimize the risk of bacteria spread when travelling.


Harvey brought over 50 inches of rain to the city of Houston in 2017; resulting in over 300,000 flooded structures. See how Protex90® addressed the invisible, post-disaster threat of mold.



To maximize protection and minimize the spread of infection, the following registered Protex90® products are in development and expected to be available to the market in 2020.

An alcohol-free  hand purifyer that has residual protection. Apply the protectant in the morning, and you can shake hands, touch patients and surfaces for 24 hours. Designed to minimize the transfer of bacteria from hands to eyes, ears, nose and mouth. 

Applied 1x per day 

This Protex90® laundry softener attaches to fabric and remains permanently affixed to the fabric for up to 75 washings; rendering the fabric antimicrobial. The fabric now minimizes the transfer of bacteria to others or your skin.

Applied every 75 washes

Similar to the hand protectant, the product should be applied to shoes every morning if they want to be worn in high bacterial situations such as nursing homes or hospitals. It is intended to minimize contamination inside AND outside of the facility. 

Applied 1x per day 

"Working in the health care field, and being a parent, I'm constantly worried and very conscious of the microscopic dangers that we all encounter on a daily basis. While the market is flooded with an endless amount of cleaners/ disinfectants, another strong concern I have is what harmful chemicals am I introducing to myself and my family. Why create a new danger while fighting another? Protex90 has been the answer to that question for me and my family. No toxins, no dangerous chemicals, and all the effectiveness of any disinfectant on the market. I highly recommend Protex90 as both a health care professional and a Mom. I believe Protex90 should be in every home and business in this country!"

Alaina Skelton, Protex90 Customer

Facebook Review, 2019